Supporting Local Businesses: A Spotlight on New Jersey's Thriving Farmers' Markets

NJ Know Team
11 March 2023
5 min read
NJ Farmers Market

Trenton Farmers Market

Discover the charm and heritage of New Jersey's oldest continuously running farmers market, the Trenton Farmers Market. Established as a farmer-owned cooperative back in 1939, this iconic market has been thriving on Spruce Street in Lawrence since 1948. Immerse yourself in the abundant variety of Jersey Fresh fruits and vegetables, while exploring the unique offerings of a smoke shop, Amish meats and poultry, a Polish deli, kielbasa, artisan cheese, and scrumptious baked goods. Indulge in mouthwatering BBQ and rotisserie chicken or opt for vegan delights.

The market doesn't stop at food - you'll also find clothing, jewelry, handbags, home goods, essential and CBD oils, handcrafted soaps and body care products, vintage sports jerseys, sweets and nuts, donuts, and local wine. And for an authentic shopping experience, don't miss the on-site Amish grocery store. Visit the Trenton Farmers Market for a delightful and memorable adventure that brings the community together and celebrates local, sustainable agriculture.

Alstede Farms

Experience the warmth and dedication to quality at Alstede Farms, a family-owned farm located in Chester, New Jersey. Founded in 1982 by first-generation farmer Kurt Alstede, this remarkable farm is committed to providing the finest quality fruits and vegetables using sustainable and USDA certified organic production methods. Alstede Farms offers a wide range of activities for visitors, including pick-your-own fruits and vegetables, a fantastic Community Supported Agriculture Program (CSA), and a well-stocked Farm Store filled with their own local honey, homemade ice cream, fudge, home-baked pies, jams, jellies, cider donuts, and more.

The Alstede family, including children Rebekah, Sarah, and Karl, as well as other family members, work tirelessly to ensure the highest quality produce and memorable farm experiences for all visitors. Join them for food festivals, pancake breakfasts, Fall Festival, Harvest Moon Hayrides, a Giant Corn Maze, friendly farm animals, Farm Camp, and Family Fun Activities like pony rides and bounce houses. At Alstede Farms, it's more than just business—it's their way of life. So, visit them today to create lasting memories while enjoying their safe, healthy, and nutritious produce.

Heaven Hill Farm

Heaven Hill Farm, situated in the picturesque foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Vernon, NJ, has evolved significantly since its humble beginnings as a roadside fruit and vegetable stand in 1982. The 365-acre farm was initially purchased by the Theobald family in 1961, who raised beef cows until the late 1970s. Embracing his family's farming legacy, Martin Theobald transitioned to growing produce and selling his harvest from a roadside tent.

Over the years, the farm has expanded to meet the increasing demand for farm-fresh produce, flowers, and plants. With the acquisition of an additional 7 acres adjacent to the family farm, Heaven Hill Farm has blossomed into a thriving destination with a greenhouse and a barn. As the business flourished, more greenhouses were added for retail production, enabling the farm to offer an even greater variety of fresh products to the community. Pay a visit to Heaven Hill Farm to enjoy the beauty of the Appalachian Mountains and savor the wholesome, fresh produce straight from the farm.

Donaldson family farm

The Donaldson family has a rich history of farming in Hackettstown, New Jersey, dating back to 1906. What began as a small operation with livestock and crops has evolved through generations into a 260-acre diversified farm. With a legacy of resilience, exemplified by the family extinguishing a barn fire on their own in 1940, the Donaldsons have adapted their farming practices to changing times and markets.

As the New Jersey dairy industry faced challenges in the 1980s, the family transitioned from dairy farming to a diversified operation, including field crops, a greenhouse and nursery, and fruits and vegetables. Lewis and Helen Donaldson's children each took on different responsibilities for the farm, with Gary focusing on field crops and wholesale fruits and vegetables, and David developing the Greenhouse & Nursery on Airport Road. Meanwhile, Greg Donaldson, who started his farming journey at the age of 14, returned to the farm after exploring other career paths, realizing his true passion lay in working the land alongside his family.

Today, the Donaldson family farm stands as a testament to the perseverance, adaptability, and strong family values that have allowed it to grow and flourish over the years.