Unveiling the Hidden Gems of Ocean County: A Rare Condo Portfolio Spanning Little Egg Harbor and Barnegat

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6 April 2023
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Hidden Gems of Ocean County

Nestled within the burgeoning landscape of Ocean County, New Jersey, lies a remarkable investment opportunity that marries elegance with potential: a rare 6-unit condo portfolio gracefully bridging the flourishing communities of Little Egg Harbor and Barnegat. With a robust rental history and an impressive cap rate of 8.5%, this portfolio offers discerning investors an unparalleled blend of long-term capital appreciation and steady rental income.

Anthony Battle, @BattleRealEstate on Facebook & Instagram, a distinguished residential and commercial Realtor at Daunno Realty Services, LLC, stands as the paragon of expertise for this extraordinary listing. His unwavering dedication to providing exceptional service and championing his local community distinguishes him as a luminary in the real estate industry. With his profound understanding of the Ocean County market, and the support of his top-rated team of professionals, investors are assured comprehensive guidance to seize this unparalleled opportunity.

The condo portfolio encompasses six elegantly designed units, ranging from intimate 1-bed, 1-bath abodes to capacious 3-bed, 2-bathresidences. These properties are strategically situated within a 10-15 minute radius of each other, allowing investors to effortlessly manage their portfolio while reaping the benefits of both Little Egg Harbor and Barnegat's blossoming growth.

Anthony Battle

Little Egg Harbor and Barnegat are experiencing a renaissance, with new businesses, infrastructure projects, and educational institutions adding to their appeal. Both communities boast a range of amenities and attractions, contributing to the region's allure. With the continued prosperity of these areas, the demand for quality housing is expected to rise, making this 6-unit condo portfolio a wise investment for those looking to capitalize on Ocean County's potential.

Anthony Battle's expertise and unwavering commitment to his clients render him the quintessential partner for investors intrigued by this rare and exclusive real estate opportunity. His insights on the local market and the burgeoning communities of Little Egg Harbor and Barnegat add invaluable context to the potential of this unique condo portfolio. Supported by his extensive team of industry professionals, Anthony is devoted to helping investors cultivate their real estate empire and unlock the full potential of this remarkable opportunity in the Garden State.